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Growing up as teenager in the late 80’s, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the South Bronx hip-hop era in New York where it all started. With that, came a fresh new movement called,  “Latin Hip-Hop.“ It would later come to be known as “Freestyle.“ 

Fashion had played a huge role for me from my teen years to now. I was fascinated by the “Graffiti Movement from that era as well. I loved the Graffiti Airbrushed and the Abstract Art logos on T-shirts. At the end of the day, it was a way to express yourself- to let the hood know where you came from. We expressed ourselves in the clothing. Your jackets, pants, hat, sneakers, even your belt buckle all made a statement!

I created “Got Freestyle?” for not only the lover of Freestyle Music, but for those who were a fan of that era- no matter where you’re from!

I want to be able to represent Freestyle Music and and its lifestyle and share it with you all.

"I am Freestyle and a Freestyle is me." - George LaMond, Founder

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P.O. Box 285

Staten Island, New York 10308

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